Dwiki Dharmawan creates jazz influenced by the traditional music of Indonesia, where he came of age on the island of Java. His band, Krakatau, is acclaimed worldwide and his newest project, the World Peace Orchestra (WPO), aims to bring social harmony and consciousness to the globe. The powerful lineup of the WPO includes legendary percussionist Steve Thornton, drummer Walfredo Reyes Jr, multi-instrumentalist Roger Burn, saxophonist Andy Suzuki and featuring : Yellowjacket’s Jimmy Haslip and Russel Ferrante,Tollak Ollstad (harmonica), guitarist Frank Gambale, guitarist Marc Antoine, saxophonist Michael Paulo, Australian guitarist Guy Strazz and many more who are all helping Dharmawan create a new chapter in the evolution of jazz — while making music with a grander purpose.


The Soul of Indonesia

Dwiki Dharmawan is very proud of his nationalism and strongly believe in internasionalism, He want his generation to have spirit to always seek new ideas and innovation based on the richness of tradition, diversity and pluralism as given. Because a nation’s greatness is reflected in her arts and culture. Various Dwiki Dharmawan’s music pieces display a bit of “change” currently taking place in the arts in Indonesia. How the traditional arts define a cultural milieu are able-or otherwise unable-to deal with the challenge of making a new national identity through creativity.

Dwiki Dharmawan is one of the Indonesian musicians who are always in a restless creative search, and he is now focusing on various traditional arts to develop new ideas and achieve innovation. One of his experiments is fusing tari topeng (mask dance) with jazz, which to his mind represents a blend of national and international influences.

Dwiki has presented his works at The Lincoln Center Out of Door Festival (New York), Chicago Cultural Center, Hot Summer Jazz, Toronto Jazz Festival , Vancouver Jazz Festival ,Sziget Festival (Hungary), Midem (France), North Sea Jazz (Holland), the Montreaux Jazz Festival (Switszerland),Temecula Jazz (USA), Javajazz Festival as well as in numerous other performances in China, Japan, Australia, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia-Montenegro, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Venezuela, Mexico and many more.

Growing up in Bandung West Java, Dwiki’s home was situated behind the Bandung Conservatory of Music, where he’d go to see students dancing to gamelan music. Meanwhile, a government-run radio station in the capital city of Bandung exposed him to bands like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, ELP, and Genesis. His mother, a former singer, would bring him down to the station where he could get copies of their records. He tried to follow the playing of, Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman and Tony Banks, and got inspired to learn keyboards.

Dwiki studied classical music for six years before beginning to pursue jazz at the age of 13, a transition that exposed him to John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Joe Zawinul and Weather Report. In 1984, Dwiki met bassist Pra Budidharma, who would become his musical partner in Krakatau. When he and Pra began Krakatau, there was nothing like it in their country. The music that Krakatau plays originated from the ancient gamelan tonal system, which is the basis for the traditional musics of Sunda, Bali, and Java. Krakatau adapts the slendro scale to Western diatonic scales by fusing its rhythms and unique melodies with jazz, rock, and funk, making for an exciting combination of cultures and a vibrant listening experience.


Dwiki Dharmawan

Dwiki Dharmawan adalah musisi Indonesia yang dikenal luas tidak hanya di negerinya tetapi juga di mancanegara. Ia dikenal atas berbagai kerjasamanya baik dengan seniman tradisi, musisi jazz mancanegara, musisi Indonesia, sutradara film, peñata tari, Orkestra dan musisi muda.

Musik-musik Dwiki Dharmawan mendemonstrasikan serpihan “praktik perubahan” dalam kesenian yang sedang berjalan di Indonesia. Bagaimana kesenian tradisional yang menentukan ciri khas suatu lingkungan budaya mampu—atau tak mampu—menyongsong tuntutan kebangsaan baru lewat kreativitas. Dwiki Dharmawan adalah salah satu musisi yang selalu gelisah, saat ini banyak memusatkan perhatiannya pada ragam-ragam kesenian tradisional dalam mengembangkan ide dan inovasi baru. Salah satu di antaranya: mengambil tari topeng dan meramunya dengan jazz, yang menurutnya: perpaduan nasionalisme dan internasionalisme.

Dwiki Dharmawan, lahir di Bandung 19 Agustus 1966. Belajar piano klasik di usia 7 tahun, di usia 13 tahun mulai belajar musik jazz. Di usia 17 tahun mendirikan Grup Krakatau bersama Pra B Dharma, Budhy Haryono dan Donny Suhendra. Krakatau kemudian menggali dan mengeksplorasi Gamelan Sunda dikombinasikan dengan Jazz dan sampai saat ini membawanya terus berkeliling dunia dan tampil pada berbagai konser dan festival internasional, seperti Montreux Jazz, North Sea Jazz, Toronto Jazz, Vancouver Jazz, GalapaJazz, Hot Summer Jazz, Midem, Festival Cervantino, Sziget Festival dan lain-lain. Ia juga pada berbagai tempat seni pertunjukan terkemuka seperti Lincoln Center Summer Outdoor Festival, Chicago Cultural Center, Esplanade, Beijing Concert Hall, serta Beijing National Center for the Performing Arts dan lain-lain.

Selain seorang pemusik, Dwiki juga Direktur Lembaga Pendidikan Musik Farabi dan anggota komite musik Dewan Kesenian Jakarta.

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